Lets get Fabulous with Fabulatina!

Welcome to my blog! Fabulatina has been my escape and source of inspiration since 2013.  Here I share my love for all things style and beauty.  I’m a Latina, born in New York who loves the art of mixing high and low pieces, shopping for shoes, and finding hidden little gems at sample sales.  

Makeup makes me happy and nothing gets me more excited than swatching lipstick shades on my hand and trying new mascaras.  Cooking is my therapy and when I’m not working, I love exploring the world, especially if there’s a beach in the picture.

So glad you’re here! Stay a while.  Besitos.


Favorite color: black
Favorite cocktail: anything spicy
Deserted island must haves: my husband, sunblock, iPhone and my Spotify playlist
Favorite food: guac and french fries
Favorite place: the beach, happiest place on earth
Lipstick or gloss: lipstick
Favorite dessert: bread pudding or anything coconut
Coffee or tea: café con leche to be exact
Beauty secret: dab a little pressed powder on your lips before applying lipstick, helps it last longer and avoids bleeding…
Fashion secret: Spanx
Favorite city: Paris
Obsessed with: pearly white smiles
Motto: no drama
Boy crush: Ryan Gosling
Favorite shows: The Affair, Homeland, Velvet, Breaking Bad

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